What our customers have to say...

Off Grid systems

"Mission Solar and Electrical installed a full off grid system for our new home as we reside in a rural area. The system has been nothing less than exceptional!!


When searching for a system we wanted value for money, we wanted efficiency and we wanted to be able to live a normal life on a off grid system, and that’s what Mission Solar delivered! Damien offers exceptional service and uses quality well know brands and products. Out of the 4 businesses I approached for quotes, Damien was the one who really took the time to develop a system that was perfect for us.


There are 3 other residences in our area all with different Off Grid systems, and our system definitely stands out from the others. While speaking with my neighbors they have all had issues at one point or another from battery failure, lack of power due to poor positioning of panels and even disappointing customer service after installation. Mission Solar offers QUALITY Off Grid Solar Systems and service!


It’s knowing that our batteries still have plenty of power and our generator is set up to come on automatically if battery power was to drop, this is what brings us peace of mind when residing in a rural area with no mains power and that’s why our System from Mission Solar stands out from the rest!"


Yarrabah homeowner. 

Hybrid systems

Mission Solar provides hybrid systems for customers who wish to have a battery back-up, however still remain on the grid. 

Tully Horse Performance Centre

6.6kW Hybrid Solar System 


"We were thrilled to be successful and it is great for the Club not to have a power bill in the future. 

It was good also to keep it local and use Mission Solar and Electrical, Damien has a reputation for doing outstanding work."


Secretary - Tully Horse Performance Centre

Residential systems

Want to reduce or potentially get rid of your power bill? Talk to us about a residential system to suit your needs. 

"We are a two person household, rarely home, and find that our 8kW solar system covers all off of our energy needs during daylight hours. As per Damien's advice we make sure to only run the dishwasher and washing machine during the day so we only need to access power from the grid at night. This has been a great investment. Our power bills are entirely gone and we're in credit with Ergon!"


Mission Beach homeowner