How does solar help the environment?

Yes, solar helps the environment. For every 1MWh of PV solar energy produced by your system, this alleviates the need to burn fossil fuels which release approximately 830kg of CO2 green house gas equivalent.

What are the environmental benefits of using renewable energy?

The ultimate goal for renewable energy is to provide the world with a sustainable, affordable and clean source of electricity. In the case of PV solar energy, there is minimal pollution and positive impacts on the environment in various ways by reducing the depletion of fossil fuel reserves and the environmental damage resulting from fossil fuel exploration and extraction. Renewables avoid and reduce green house gas emissions due to carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and sulphur oxides, improves air quality and visibility due to decreased burning of fossil fuels, particularly coal and oil. Solar energy is silent, produces no waste or pollution, therefore limiting your impact on climate change and global warming.