Will our building be suitable for a solar system?

There are a number of elements that must be evaluated to determine if your building is a good site for a solar system. These include:

  • orientation of the available roof space
  • the size of the available space
  • any shading that may effect where the panels are placed.

Panels placed on a north facing roof will be the best positioning for solar systems in Australia. Ideally, your panels will be free from shade during the peak sunlight hours. Mission Solar and Electrical will be happy to inspect your home to discuss what would be the best positioning for the panels on your building.

Where else can the solar panels be placed?

A great alternative for some people is to place the solar panels on available shed roof space. Sometimes you will find alternative roof space will provide a more efficient location for your panels.

What will my grid-connect system power?

Your grid-connected system will directly feed into your home’s internal electrical grid and, therefore, all home appliances receive the solar system’s power. The amount of solar power delivered to the home appliances depends on the instantaneous power being produced by the solar panels at the time. If there is insufficient power from solar, then the electrical grid supplies the balance.