What are the warranties?

It is important that you know exactly who offers the warranties on the system you provide. We only use inverters and panels that are covered by a manufacturers warranty and the manufacturer is likely to be around when you might need them! Our panels and inverters are all manufactured by companies with a long standing in the solar industry. A long warranty period is useless if the company will not be around in 10 years time!


SMA, Trina Solar and Samil Power all have established offices in Australia, so they can be accessed for support at convenient times. Please contact us for more information on the warranties for all our inverters and solar panels or visit our Solar Products for more information.

Is my solar system cover within my insurance policy?

Feedback from our customers suggests they have called their insurance company and, yes, their solar systems are now included in their cover. We strongly recommend you contact your insurance provider to the solar system added to your home policy.