We install top quality solar products at affordable prices!

We recognise that installing a solar system is a considerable investment and we want to ensure that you get the best value for your money. We won't gamble your money on cheap alternatives that are unproven in the market.


We don't install cheap solar systems...we install great solar systems CHEAP!


We are committed to installing top quality inverters, panels and railing that have already proven themselves in the industry. With so many solar products out there, determining 'top quality' can be hard. We recommend using products that meet the following criteria:

  • they are manufactured by a company that has been successfully trading in the solar industry for over 15 years and have established branches in Australia.
  • our inverters have a manufacturers warranty for a minium of 5 years, with options to extend.
  • we install panels that have a 10 year minimum manufacturers warranty and 25 year performance warranty.
  • all products have been endorsed by the Clean Energy Council.
  • and last, but definitely not least, we only use products that we would confidently install on the roofs of our closest friends and family!

High Efficiency German SMA Inverter

If you've already spent some time looking into solar then you have definitely heard about the high efficiency of German inverters. The short answer to the question about which inverter to go with is the German designed and manufactured SMA Inverter. As the world's leading solar inverter manufacturer, SMA has more installed power on the electricity grid than any othe inverter manufacturer, both is Australia and worldwide.


SMA inverters come with standard 5 year factory warranty and optional warranty packages up to 25 years. And when you need them, they'll be there with local Australian support in your timezone!

Australia's Number 1 Panel: Trina Solar

"There are many factors that make a leading PV brand, and Australia requires it's own blend. In 2012 out data finds it was Trina, selling 100,000kW for the year" (source: Climiate Spactator by Nigel Morris - originally published by SolarBusiness Services)


Trina Solar have been producing panels since 1997 and have offices in 16 countries, including Australia! Every Trina Solar PV panel comes with a 10 year product warranty and 25 year linear performance warranty for guaranteed power.

Whereas other manufacturers will only guarantee 90% performance for the first 10 years, and then 80% for the next 15, Trina Solar stand by a power output of at least 97.5% for the first year. Afterwards, they only allow for incremental decreases of 0.7% each year, with a final power output of 80.7% by the end of the 25 year period!

Samil Power Inverters

Samil Power offer the SolarRiver inverter range. A cheaper alternative to the SMA inverter that has a 5 year manufacturers warranty with options to extend up to 25 years.


Samil Power was established in 2008 but is a spin-off from the Samil Group, which was founded in 1992. They have offices in 10 countries, including Australia.